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Theory of Conflict is the world’s first (and currently the only) narrative feature film that focuses on the raging conflicts between pro-Israel and pro-Palestine students on college campuses across the United States.


Based on true stories of students from Palestine, Israel, Nigeria, South Sudan, Somalia, the United States and other countries, the film uses the multicultural environment of college campuses to tell an interesting story that would engage and inspire students and non-students from both sides of the divide to join hands and build a peaceful and creative coexistence.


The story principally follows and weaves together the dynamics of the relationships between Mohammed Deng and Edward Dudley on one hand, and Israeli Yafit Haddad and Palestinian Hayat Hamdan on the other hand. As the stories of these students unfold amid the rising tension on campus, we’re drawn in to share their hopes and fears, and we learn of the complex struggles facing both Israelis and Palestinians on college campuses and in the Middle East.




At different times we have gratefully received funds from individuals and grants from organizations, spent on the pre-production and production of the film.

At this point, we're raising funds needed to complete the cosmetic visual and audio works remaining to be done on the film.

We're raising funds to pay the cast and crew who have trusted us with their highly skilled services, believing that we would pay the already discounted fees.

We're raising funds to pay for festival submissions and screenings.

We need to spread the message of the film as wide as possible, and we have committed ourselves fully to doing that.






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