When Sudanese "Lost Boy" Mohammed (Mo) Deng is dumped by his girlfriend, the resulting heartache opens up scabs of old wounds that he thought had healed in time, in the ten years that he has been in America. On the other hand, when his best friend, famous playboy Edward Dudley, falls in love with Yafit Abdeel, a former soldier of the Israel Defense Forces, his life will never remain the same again.


As Mohammed's emotional life spirals down the rabbit hole, and Edward's heart is pulled apart in different directions, the two friends are caught up in the wave of a controversial event that is tearing their school apart. Conflict erupts on their campus as groups of students observe the year's "Israeli Apartheid Week", an annual exercise organized by pro-Palestinian students and teachers to protest events in the Middle East. For Edward, this becomes an opportunity to impress Yafit, and then maybe also to do something bigger than himself.


Mohammed, however, seems to have no choice. As a popular peer tutor, he has befriended many students on campus, including several Jews and Arabs. Thus, he is an asset to the cause Edward is cooking up, and he feels that he can’t let his best friend down. Yet his old wounds, sustained from the war that marred his childhood, are becoming as fresh as new.